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l Features

Adjustable Blade Angle.

Various Metallurgy to suit each applications.

Maintenance Free.

Low Power Consumption.

Inbuilt Dilution Arrangement.

Agitator plays critical role in stock preparation process for mixing, maintaining homogeneity and uniform quality of pulp. Hence the agitator needs to be maintenance free with adjustable blades angle for imparting optimum energy to the stock for efficient operation.

Agitator Blades

Parason has specialized knowledge of Agitator blade design, metallurgy and
manufacturing to suit industry demands.

For efficient mixing

Effective agitation at low power consumption.

All wet parts of stainless steel.

Propeller is equipped with replaceable blades.

Blade angles are adjustable.

Guiding plate to increase efficiency (avoids rotation of pulp and reduces power consumption).

For all types of fibers
The PARASON agitators are designed for all kind of fibers in chests, tanks and storage towers up to a consistency of 5% in the propeller area.


March 3, 2016