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Conical Refiner Fillings

Conical Refiner Fillings

Shallow Angle Cone-Flow Fillings (JC-0 Series)

PARASON Offers cast CONICAL filling for all models of JC-0 refiners. Large number of patterns with thick to thin bars suitable for different refining applications.

The fillings are with PARASONS innovation ERPTM property which ensures efficient refining life with lower energy consumption. PARASON can fulfill the demand of the industry irrespective of size and model with customs design

Wide Angle Tricone Fillings
PARASON cast and fabricated and duly machined fillings are available for almost all model of RTC 1000, RTC 2000, RTC 3000, RTC 4000 suitable for different grades of paper application. We supply fillings both in cast as well as fabricated type.

High Angle Claflin Fillings

PARASON manufactures Claflin fillings for every model like 101, 202, 303, F9 refiners. The fillings are cast stainless steel offering superior performance in the development of fiber, long life of the fillings ensuring better economy.

Conical Deflakers

PARASON offers conical deflaker fillings for all sizes, configuration and applications. Fillings are tailor made to customers requirement. Fillings are cast in stainless steel alloy ensuring resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion with ERPTM property.

PARASON has smallest to largest sizes of filling for conical refiners used all over the world. Call on us or our agents to meet your needs.


March 3, 2016