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Parason Wet Strength Pulvarizer

Parason Wet Strength Pulvarizer

Parason Wet Strength Pulverizer for wide range of difficult raw material includes High Wet Strength Paper, Shoe Board, KCB, DSOCC, Sackkraft, Security Paper, Insulation Paper, Beer Boxes , Textile Core Boxes etc.


Facilities the use of High Strength fibers without sacrificing defibering effectiveness or energy usage efficiency.

Provide increased agitation a greater effectiveness in defibering and increased recirculation.

The rotor design and method of operation of rotor-stator pair, which can readily compensate for wear at the rotor-stator interface while maintaining the aforementioned operational advantages, even when processing highly abrasive materials.

To rotor–stator assembly which can produce stock with high degree of consistency in the length of the fiber.

Provide Precision and reliable way to defiber material without clogging and without costly additional processing.

Capacity depends upon origin of fibers


Can Pulverize, Sack kraft, Insulation paper, Beer Boxes, Security paper, Textile Core Boxes, Currency paper.

3 function equipment Scissoring, Agitation , Pumping.

Facility to use steam and chemical for efficient working.

Flakes are reduced to individual cellulose fibres and produces out pulp lower intensity.

Truncated conical geometry facilities  fibrising scissor action .

Precision gap indication arrangement with servo control loading system.

Gap operation  0.15 to 0.30 MM .

Recirculation without the pump and Agiator.

Extraction by natural force  through defibering zone.

Can operate in batch or continuous process.

Can Pulverize difficult raw materials to disintegrated loose fibers.

Can be used for shredding the high strength fibres.


March 3, 2016