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Refiner Fillings

Refiner Fillings

Parason Refiner Filling Offers

Design to suit pulp & paper industry needs (pulping or refining)

Available from 12” to 64” size and 25 HP to 8000 HP power loading.

Ensures right alloys (stainless steel alloys).

Excellent casted machined and finished disc.

Power saving from 6 KW-22 KW / hrs.

Enhanced plate life.

Casting is done by using the latest technology to provide the best condition for the alloys in temp, time, melting technique to determine the best suited alloy much consideration is given to erosion, corrosion, wear resistance our of refiner plates.

Process Data Application
The technical process parameter at various paper mills is collected periodically to offer the correct product with continuous improvement in paper industry.

Profile Checking & Analysis
The alloying elements are controlled for every melt with the help of multi channels lab spectrometer for correct control on chemistry.

Schematic Drawing Of Bar Wear

It makes a lot of sense that a refiner disc should have a uniform wear properties. Normally the variation in the wear of the refiner plates may be wavy, serrated or flat type.

The wavy & serrated wear cause maximum fiber damage and multiple disadvantages of high power consumption, increased cost per tonne, load variations etc.

PARASON has innovated the concept of `ERP’ that is Edge Retention Property during streneous conditioning of refining ‘ERP’ plate has flat wear.

Scissor Action
Refining plates works on the principle of scissors. The multiple resolution and number of bar crossings creates millions of scissors edges. Refining takes place at the bar edges, hence it is essential to have right angle bar edge during refining.

Improved Energy Efficiency
shown improvement in the energy consumption  with  power  saving   from
6 KW / hr. to 22 KW / hr. in various applications grossly the power saved annually adds to profitability of the mills.


March 3, 2016