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Turbo Separator

Turbo Separator

Benefits of Turbo Separator

Most suitable in screening of pulp slurries with high trash and flake content.

Can be used as a secondary screen with a cylindrical screen in the first stage.

Higher deflaking potential and ensures reliable operation.

Online contaminants removal of both light and heavy rejects separately.


Parason Turbo Separator is a disc screen specially designed for coarse screening of primarily for pulp strainer with a high trash and flake consent like recycled paper

Working Principle

The Pulp stock is feed to inlet chamber through a tangential inlet . inlet chamber is also having heavy reject outlet and light reject outlet at the center of the chamber door.

Between accept chamber and inlet chamber there is a screen with a rotor having several curved blades. These curved rotor blades keep the screen opening free by suction pulses and transport the trash and flakes radially outward to heavy reject outlet. The light weight reject accumulates at the center of whirl and are pushed towards light reject outlet. Baffle bars near periphery, effects the deflaking action.


March 3, 2016